VIDEO: Savio Vega Suffers Nasty Leg Injury At MLW, Placed On Injured Reserved List

This past week’s episode of MLW Fusion saw former WWE star and Caribbean champion Savio Vega challenge Dynasty member Alexander Hammerstone for the National Openweight title. Hammerstone would pick up the victory after hitting his finisher…the “Nightmare Pendulum.” However, Vega’s legs were crushed taking the maneuver, barely avoiding a compound fracture. He would be rushed to a New York hospital for surgery. Full update from MLW below:

Vega lost movement in his legs and barely avoided a compound fracture of his right lower leg.

The league’s medical team moved in quickly to stabilize Vega as FUSION went off the air. Soon thereafter Vega would be en route to New York Hospital for Special Surgery. An orthopedic surgeon as well as the chief of spine surgery at the hospital diagnosed Vega with a severe stinger.

While the league expects Vega to fully recover, a return to the ring is unknown. As such, Vega remains on the injured reserved list.

League officials are reviewing footage of this new version of the Night Terror Pendulum move with a ruling on the legality of the move forthcoming.

Should the move be banned? Should action be taken against Hammerstone for deliberately attempting to cripple the Caribbean Champion? will have more on this story as it develops.

You can watch the injury below, which occurs at the 48:18 mark. (Warning…content is graphic)


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