*VIDEO* Silas Young Implies That CM Punk Returns At Wisconsin Indy Event (UPDATED)

Ring of Honor star and Founder of MKE Wrestling Silas Young has hinted that the masked wrestler at last night’s MKE Wrestling event The Last Knight in West Allis, Wisconsin was CM. Punk. NOTE that Young only says “a Punk” or “some Punk” in his tweets, not the actual name “CM Punk”.

Young wrote on Twitter that last night at the Knights of Columbus Building in West Allis, the place has had 25+ years of wrestling and is a place a lot of guys started. He used Colt Cabana has an example then said as well as Punk and added who showed up in a mask last night.

Ever since MKE Wrestling shared a clip of the match on Twitter, there had been a lot of speculation of who was under the mask because of the GTS being used.

Check out the Tweet from Young below:

UPDATE – Wrestling INC is confirming that it was indeed CM Punk under the mask. They wrote:

Wrestling Inc has learned that at one point the plan had been for Punk to actually take the mask off after hitting the GTS. That did not happen, obviously, and Punk left while masked after the match. We have also been told that Punk waited in his car outside the venue before making his appearance and left immediately afterwards.

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