WALTER On Pete Dunne: "One Of The Best I've Ever Wrestled."

WALTER On Pete Dunne: “One Of The Best I’ve Ever Wrestled.”

The new NXT United Kingdom champion WALTER released a statement on his Twitter this evening commenting on his matchup with Pete Dunne at Takeover New York this past Friday. WALTER states that he and Dunne showcased exactly what “European pro wrestling” is, calling Dunne one of the best that he’s ever worked with, and commending his 685 day run with the U.K. title.

What you saw friday night in Brooklyn is exactly what european Pro Wrestling is all about. Pete Dunne had an incredible run and is one of the best ive ever wrestled. My era has started now and i wont stop to fight for what i believe in and the sport i love!

See WALTER’s tweet below.


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