Watch: CM Punk Gives Seth Rollins Twitter Advice; Talks Possible Ring Return, Current WWE Product and More on WWE Backstage

Tonight’s WWE Backstage episode featured CM Punk sitting down with host Renee Young for a brief chat about his debut on the show last week. They also discussed Punk and WWE, a possible Royal Rumble, appearance, and more. Below are highlights from the chat, and a few shots:

* Renee asked Punk what brought him back to wrestling and he mentioned how this job didn’t exist too long ago. He reacted positively when the idea was brought up to him. He feels like this could be interesting as the people want someone who will tell it like it is, doesn’t have ties to WWE, isn’t controlled and will be honest about the product. Punk said this is a Punk/FOX thing, which could make for an interesting dynamic. He said so far everything has been good and exciting, nothing but fun so far

* He mentioned how he now gets to criticize the product, which made him popular before. He can’t get suspended, fired, jobbed out or anything else for speaking his mind now. He also mentioned how he hated when officials used to “work the boys” which is what happened last week. He mentioned making the right decision in signing to work on the show

* He revealed that maybe 10-12 people knew ahead of time last week that he was debuting on the show as his circle is small these days. He was just relieved to get through everything without anything bad happening. He joked that he’s at a point in his life where he can pick and choose what he does, and doesn’t have to work with jerks anymore

* Regarding his WWE future and a possible appearance at the Survivor Series or 2020 Royal Rumble, Punk said he works for FOX and hasn’t talked with anyone in WWE. The big return is nothing he’s actively pursuing or interested in but he’s 41 years old, and he’s lived & experienced life where he knows not to say no, or never say never, but that’s going to be a bridge that will have to be built, and it may take as long as the Great Wall of China because there are a lot of hurdles. Renee joked that there is a chance that it will happen, and Punk joked back, telling her not to be that person and fuel the talk because now fans will chant his name or be upset if he doesn’t return

* He mentioned one of the memorable texts coming from AEW announcer and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross after he debuted on Backstage

* Renee brought up how he’s been catching up on pro wrestling after being gone and not watching. Punk said there’s so much more and so much better after catching up. He said he still has some of the same opinions he did when he was here – the product is over-produced, micro-managed. He said there is a lot wrong but there also bright spots. Renee asked about the bright spots. Punk said he likes the women, but he doesn’t like the forced “Women’s Revolution” and said WWE should just let the women be the women because they will show everyone why they kick ass, and that WWE doesn’t have to put a label or a hashtag on everything. He said he selfishly likes the “NXT thing” because he sees some of himself in those talents and he knows the struggle coming from the indies. Punk said the NXT characters are the ones that feel less tainted or more new still

* They went to end the segment and Punk mentioned there is a lot of wrestling on TV. He said he will be back and there’s lots to talk about. It sounded like he might be about to mention another promotion, perhaps AEW, but Renee kept talking, and went on to tease an “official promo” from the master of the Pipe Bomb promo

* Punk later gave David Arquette a F- when judging Arquette’s “Promo School” segment with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. Arquette made a quick joke about Punk’s UFC career being a failure and during the judging process, Punk said it didn’t bother him

* Punk also later knocked the creative writing of the barking dogs in the segment with King Baron Corbin. Punk admitted he’s not familiar with Corbin and will have to get to know what he’s about. Later on when the panel was discussing the WWE Survivor Series, Punk had big things to say for Rey Mysterio vs. WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, and talked about how the Chicago crowd will help elevate the match. He called the match the “diamond in the rough” and said the two will put on a show

* Renee later brought up Seth Rollins tweeting Punk about wanting to fight after last Tuesday’s Backstage arrival. She asked Punk what Rollins can do to get his edge back. Punk somewhat jokingly said he’d like to keep his journalistic integrity intact as this isn’t the show where you come to shoot your “little angles” but Seth needs to stop tweeting. Punk went on about how sometimes you need to recognize that it’s better to be viewed as a fool, then you act and remove all doubt.

“Just go on a hiatus. Delete it from your phone, dude,” Punk said of Rollins on Twitter. He continued, “Just delete it. You’re not doing yourself any favors.”

It really is interesting to see Punk on a WWE-affiliated TV show once again and as described above, discussing the current WWE product and Superstars. You can watch the show on FS1, Tuesday nights at 11pm ET. Stay tuned for more.

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