WATCH: Dustin Rhodes Cuts Promo On The Young Bucks Ahead Of AEW Fight For The Fallen

The Natural Dustin Rhodes released a video message on his Twitter earlier this morning calling out the Young Bucks ahead of their tag team showdown at AEW Fight for the Fallen in Jacksonville, where Rhodes will team with his younger brother and company co-founder, Cody. The former WWE tag team champion commends the Bucks for their fantastic athleticism, but declares that this feud is not a game before threatening to powerslam them so hard their souls will leave their body.

Matt…Nick…you little young buckaroos you. Let me say this to you. I respect you as workers in this industry. Your talent is unbelievable. Your athleticism off the charts. The things you do in that squared circle…awesome. Wonderful. And you can make fun of me and Cody all you want too, but in Jacksonville Florida Fight for the Fallen…it’s not a game. I will powerslam the both of you so hard…your souls will leave your body. Remember this…the brotherhood is coming.

Check out the promo below.

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