Watch: The Authors of Pain on Why USA and FOX Didn’t Draft Them, Warning for the WWE Roster

As seen below, WWE has released a new promo from Akam and Rezar, The Authors of Pain.

Akam and Rezar express their frustrations with being left out of the WWE Draft. They are on the list of free agents that will be selected on WWE Backstage tonight.

The promo went like this:

Akam: WWE, FOX and USA Network are spending all of their time hyping up this draft and no one drafted AOP.

Rezar: There is a reason no one drafted The AOP. Neither FOX nor USA want to deal with the backlash of signing The AOP.

Akam: There’s no tag team anywhere in this world and no two stars you can put together that can last in a fight in or out of the ring with us.

Rezar: Not a ring, not a cage, not an alley, not a street, not a locker room. Not even a warzone.

Akam: We’re getting more and more frustrated every day. Sooner than later we’re going to take our frustrations out on somebody and when we do…

Rezar: Then you will know why we are called The Authors of Pain.

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