Which Era Of WWE Was Better: Attitude Era or Current Era?

WWE posted on all their outlets today a WWE Head To Head video detailing the differences between the Attitude Era and the Current Era, and asked fans to voice their opinions. Some quotes from the video:

No one is saying the superstars of the past or present are any better or more talented than the other. That being said the Attitude Era was the right product for the right time and thats why it ruled. There’s a reason why the Attitude Era is finished and thats because the 90’s are finished. If you are a product of your time eventually that time ends and you have to evolve. It was adventurous, provocative, and captivating programming that spilled over into every day life. And as good as today’s shows are that stuff just doesn’t happen anymore. Now, better stuff happens.

Today’s WWE is built to last. It gives fans more variety and a deeper bench with global outreach that the company wasn’t ready for in the 90’s. As fun as the beer showers were the Attitude Era never had a cruiserweight classic. Never had a mixed match challenge. Never had a UK division. An all women’s PPV would have looked very different.

There’s a reason the superstars of today always point to those shows and those superstars as their inspirations. They grew up on those shows. They went to those shows. And they remember the atmosphere. The Attitude Era created stars that shaped the next 20 years. Because of the Monday Night Wars every show felt like it could have been it’s last and it should have been. Plus the audience was totally ready to go down with the ship. It’s been a long time since the arena was covered in signs instead of cell phones. And I’ll admit, I miss the feeling of watching lightning in a bottle in real time.

Every one is holding up a sign that says something like Dave 3:16 or Hi Mom. Thats ridiculous. Thats not fun. Anyways, you must not be watching whats happening in the ring then. Thanks to the performance, I mean look at this training center down in Florida. Thanks to upgraded production values. Look at the LED ramp on Raw and Smackdown. Look at the pyro from WrestleMania 34. And as for lightning in a bottle, did you miss something called the Yes movement?

You know what they say about opinions, right?

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