Will Opsreay Calls Out KENTA Ahead Of G1 Climax Showdown

NJPW’s Will Ospreay took to Twitter earlier today to hype his upcoming G1 Climax showdown with KENTA (fka Hideo Itami in WWE) at the August 7th event in Shizuoka. Ospreay states that KENTA was one of his childhood favorites, but when the time comes he plans on standing his ground, and putting KENTA to sleep.

We’ve been told our entire life to respect the men that paved the way. I have & always do, especially a childhood favourite like Kenta. But I’m standing my ground against the baddest Mother F’er to grace any ring. Make no mistake, someone is going to sleep. It ain’t me though.

Ospreay has been mathematically eliminated from the tournament, but looks to play spoiler for KENTA, who currently stands at 8 points. Check it out below.


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