Will Ospreay To Seth Rollins: “Apology Accepted.”

The Twitter feud between WWE Universal champion Seth Rollins and IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion Will Ospreay is seemingly at an end. Rollins took to social media earlier this morning to apologize for “comparing bank accounts” with Ospreay during a brief jousting session online over who was the best wrestler in the world. The “Aerial Assassin” recently responded accepting “The Architect’s” and claiming that it was all in good fun, as they both love pro-wrestling.

Apology accepted. Just buy me a Nando’s. Honestly nothing but respect for you sir, just a bit of banter in my mind. I’ve followed your career since you were Tyler Black, I know it’s not all the money & it’s about the love. Keep flying your flag & having fun.

Check it out below.


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