WWE House Show Results From Ottawa, Ontario, 2/8/2019

Below are tonight’s Raw house show results from Ottawa, Ontario. Thanks to Catherine des Champs for sending them in.
1. Six women tag team match between Natalya and Dana Brooke and Bayley against the team of Mickie James and Alicia Fox) and Nikki Cross. Winner : Bayley by pinfall after an elbow drop from the top rope (11:20 time from bell to bell).
Attack from Nia Jax and Tamina on the face team (Natalya and Dana Brooke outside of the ring and Bayley inside of the ring) Nia Jax hyped her team for the Elimination Chamber match.
2. Dean Ambrose v EC3
Winner : EC3 by pinfall (8:40 time from bell to bell). Ambrose stayed in the ring, to complain about the referee, and what he thought was a 2-sec pinfall. He is joined in the ring by Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins that cuts a promo about losing. Dean accepts their hugs but then Dirty Deeds Hawkins while Ryder was knocked down
3. Out come the Ascension who gets a match against Ryder and Hawkins. Winner : The Ascension by pinfall on Hawkins (7:53 from bell to bell).
4. Bobby Lashley with Lio Rush come out to tell us that Seth Rollins isn’t here. Then out comes Balor, that like Lashley doesn’t have an opponent for the night. The match is made for the IC Title by Adam Pierce who is in charge tonight.  Since Rush is out, it’s made an handicap match, with the twist that whoever Balor pins he becomes IC champion. Winner : Bobby Lashley by pinfall (8:36 from bell to bell)
Out is Elias, with his guitar. He plays a song, and tells the crowd that someone backstage wants to join him : No Way Jose. He comes out alone, dancing to the ring and is attacked from behind by Drew McIntyre. He lefts him beaten in the corner while he goes after Elias, telling him it’s freezing cold back there and he wants to fight to get warm.
5. Drew McIntyre v Elias. Winner : Drew McIntyre after a claymore kick (8:16 from bell to bell)
6. The Raw tag team titles are on the line, as Gable and Roode take on The Revival. There was a ton of close two-calls, the crowd started to chant “ref you suck” after every near-fall against Roode and Gable. Winner : Gable by pinfall on Wilder. (23:10 from bell to bell). MOTN.
7. Ottawa Street Fight between Baron Corbin and Braun Strowman. Weapons used : kendo stick, stairs, hockey stick and a table.Winner : Strowman pinfall through the table (10:35 from bell to bell)

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