WWE Possibly Suing AEW Over “Bash at the Beach” Name

WWE Possibly Suing AEW Over “Bash at the Beach” Name

After AEW Wednesday Night Dynamite went off the air, The Elite cut a promo off camera as they typically do to send the fans home happy. This time, however, they made a comment about getting sued for using the name “Bash at the Beach,” implying that the WWE hasn’t given up on trying to stop them from using it.

It was reported last year that WWE tried preventing AEW from using the name because it came too close to WWE’s trademarked PPV name “The Bash.” WWE hasn’t ran an event resembling the name “The Bash” since 2012 when they named a special Smackdown episode The Great American Bash. The WWE ran pay-per-views under the Great American Bash name but then shortened it to The Bash before dropping it entirely.

There hasn’t been an official word on this lawsuit but it isn’t the first time that they have made a reference to it. Cody Rhodes has a now deleted tweet about having to buy a new suit because he’d be going to court soon. It’s not uncommon for the WWE to send cease and desist letters over trademarked properties to cover their bases, but it doesn’t always make it to court.

(Credit: f4wonline.com)


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