WWE Pro Wrestling Theme and Category Featured on Jeopardy 12/7/18

Thanks to Rory G. for emailing the following:

On the Friday, December 7, 2018 edition of Jeopardy, they had somewhat of a pro wrestling theme with separate categories for Heels, Faces, and Pro Wrestling. Unfortunately, the categories for Heels and Faces had no wrestling related questions. The questions for the Pro Wrestling category were all WWE related and were very easy. The last question in the category, the $1,000 question, did not get chosen because they ran out of time.

The questions were as follows:

Pro Wrestling $200: Larger than life in just about every way, this wrestler is seen here in his younger days.

Pro Wrestling $400: Among WWE’s “25 Most Devastating Submission Holds”: The Camel Clutch, Mandible Claw (With Mr. Socko!) & A Classic Full This.

Pro Wrestling $600: A 2018 WWE PPV was “TLC: Tables, Ladders”, These, which somehow end up being used as a weapon a lot; Wait, isn’t that illegal?

Pro Wrestling $800: In 1991 Regis & I handled announcing duties for Wrestlemania VII, working with her, Donald Trump’s second wife.

You can watch the full episode below:

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