@WWEonFOX Twitter Account Tells Fans To Stop The “What” Chants

***UPDATE*** @WWEonFOX has since deleted the two tweets but we still have a screenshot of the 2nd tweet.


Tonight on Monday Night Raw during an interview with Jerry “The King” Lawler and Rusev, the fans started chanting “What?” at the hall of famer. Typically, fans chant that when we either can’t understand the person talking or are bored of what’s going on. Wrestlers have said in the past that it’s hard to switch up their cadence to make the chants go away. Rusev took a moment during his interview with Lawler to ask the fans to stop.

Fans were also chanting at Angelo Dawkins when he gave his farewell speech on NXT.

Rusev isn’t the only one. The official “WWE on Fox” twitter account addressed the chants. The account, usually known for cracking jokes, got very serious when they referred to the fans who were chanting as “disrespectful.” You can see the tweets down below.

The replies have been split down the middle with some people agreeing that the chant is annoying while others blame the product being bad.



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