Zack Sabre Jr. Says Prime Minister Boris Johnson Is The Reason He Lost His British Heavyweight Title

New Japan Pro Wrestling has released a scrum interview with former RevPro British Heavyweight champion Zack Sabre Jr, who went on a tirade after just losing the title to Hiroshi Tanahashi at Royal Quest. Sabre places the blame on current United Kingdom Prime Minster Boris Johnson, stating that his sabotage of parliament distracted him from being able to compete. He also demands a rematch on the Road to Destruction tour.

Boris bloody Johnson! He’s done it to me again! He become Prime Minister just as my winning streak in G1 started. He become Prime Minister and fucked it up! He’s done it again, he’s done it again! In the biggest match of my life in the most important New Japan show in the United Kingdom ever and he sabotaged his government! I’ve lost the Britishweight Championship cause of Boris Johnson. He sabotaged British parliament just like he sabotaged my career. I’ve only been back only less than 48 hours, less than 48 hours. He’s prorogued government Prorogued? What does that mean?

Prorogued parliament? Where the hell’s the Queen? This is bloody Royal Quest! He used the Queen! Sovereignty! This whole bloody thing is supposed to be about sovereignty! Nonsense! This is ridiculous! Ridiculous. I want my rematch. I’m gonna save my rematch back in Japan. Back in Japan, Destruction Tour. Rematch please. I’ll have my rematch. Eh? Conservative party can fuckin’ shut down government whenever they want, I can have my rematch when I want it, Destruction Tour in Japan. I’m going off the grid, no news no politics. I’m gonna win the belt back, then I’ll come back to the United Kingdom and fix whatever’s left of it.

Check it out below. (H/T and transcribed from Dominic DeAngelo at WrestleZone)


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